Powerful psychological suggestions are triggered when we see different colors. Green has great healing power, it is the most restful color.
Balances and refreshes.
Green represents nature and health, it is used to promote ecological and natural products.


Red is known to be an appetite booster. It is commonly associated with energy and has been used to stimulate senses and raise blood pressure.
The color red has been used to promote foods and drinks related to sports and intense physical activity.


Taste perception is fundamental. Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, creativity and increased energy. It is used to provoke pleasant feelings, it tends to fade into white, so it usually needs a darker color to make it stand out.


The appearance of food affects our desire to eat it, imagine a bowl of orange jello dessert on the table. How would you expect it to taste, sweet or sour? A bit of both? orange is recognized as being suitable for everyone and can make products appear more approachable, It embodies integrity and adventure, orange has very high visibility, so you can use it to draw attention and highlight the most important elements of a product. product.


Black has its particular strength and brings all the mystery in terms of flavor to the food.
Widely used in European countries, black works with an audacious look, and is always linked to fine products that express great elegance.

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